3D building design that automates your documents
Architects save 75+ hours on each project with Modumate’s cutting-edge 2D DWGs, 3D renderings, and quantities.

We're the first BIM platform you're guaranteed to actually learn in mere hours, because we train you for no added cost.
The easiest, fastest 3D BIM ever made.
Modumate is 3D BIM that automates your DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates. And we train you for no added cost - you'll be a pro in 4 lessons.
Create your first project right now with a Modumate trainer 🚀
What is Modumate?
Easier, faster, smarter, prettier 3D BIM.
Think Revit meets SketchUp meets cutting-edge graphics and UX.

Modumate is the first revolution in 3D building design in 20 years.
Why is Modumate valuable?
Automate your DWGs, renderings, and quantities.
Modumate saves you 10+ hours per week by instantly exporting documents you make by hand today. Because you should be designing, not documenting.
How does Modumate work?
Massing. Assemblies. Done.
Lay out your building’s spaces by modeling lines and planes in beautiful 3D.
Craft construction assemblies and host them onto your massing model.
Modumate generates your drawings, renderings, and quantity estimates.
Who is Modumate for?
Architects. Builders.
Pros who spend 10+ hours per week creating DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates for 4+ buildings per year are a great fit.
How do I learn Modumate?
We train you. For free.
Modumate trains you how to save 30+ hours per month automating your DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates. For free (no added cost).

We teach every customer how to use Modumate. For free.

Are we crazy? Maybe. But we’re architects and design-builders who hate how hard 3D software is to learn, and how little it's changed in the last 20 years. We see the legions of building designers who are unable to find time to learn, or get value from, these older BIM tools of yesterday.

So we built the easiest 3D BIM ever – so easy, we can train users how to automate their DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates in just 4 sessions.

And now we’re doing just that. For free.

It’s easier than it sounds. Don’t you think 4 training sessions are a small price in order to save 200+ hours per year in painful document production labor?

So if you’re a professional designer or builder still stuck on CAD, feeling like BIM has been out of reach or not worth the effort…Then you are precisely who we built Modumate for, and we’d love to train you today. For free.

Let’s change the world together.
What can I build with Modumate?
Build anything.
(especially buildings smaller than 20,000 sq.ft. without curves)
How do I get Modumate?
Talk to a trainer - they'll set up your account
One-click DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates are one 15-minute call away. Meet with a Modumate expert and they'll build your account and show you how to use Modumate.

This is the way to get Modumate - it's much better than a self-guided download!
What are users saying?
architects' words for us
“Every CAD architect and design-builder should be using this.”
“Goodbye SketchUp! Modumate is a whole new level of productivity.”
“Modumate saved me 4 weeks of drafting on my last project.”
“Modumate has earned us more profit even in our first month using it.”
Can I see some example projects?
Your next project could look like these.
Uplevel your business with faster design, instant documents, and visuals that sell.
Anything else I should know?
Did we mention it’s real-time multiplayer?
Up to 16 users can see each other, and the objects they create, in real-time. It’s Google Docs, in 3D, for architects.
Your document is cloud-hosted and auto-saves with every action. No more crashes, lost work, or file transfer, ever again.
Join the future of building design.
Are you ready to save 75+ hours on your current project by exporting instant DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates?

Because Modumate’s training team is ready for you.

Modumate is a 3D building design platform for professional architects and contractors who draft drawing sets in 2D CAD, quantity estimates, and renderings.

Using Unreal Engine 4’s gorgeous graphics and our unprecedented approach to BIM, we supercharge your 3D design abilities and export instant 2D DWG backgrounds, quantity estimates, and renderings.


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