The most efficient way to design a home for construction.
Design a beautiful, detailed 3D model in 5-10x fewer clicks.
Then Modumate instantly exports your documents:
• Background DWGs for your CAD sheets
• Renderings and walkthroughs
• Quantity estimates of all materials in the project
The most efficient way to design a home for construction.
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What is Modumate?
... it's 3D building design, reimagined.
1. Lay out your spaces and finish areas with fast modeling tools.
2. Craft your construction assemblies with our "BIM Designer".
3. Host them into the scene, and design their Details in 3D.
4. Export renderings, DWGs, and quantity estimates with 1 click.
Residential design & construction has never been so efficient.
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Modumate will save you $3,000+ on each project.
Every minute spent on your Modumate model saves 5-10 minutes of downstream work on DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates.
And design revisions are painless - just update the model, re-export, and all documents are updated and coordinated.
What makes Modumate so efficient?
It's our layered workflow. No more sculpting objects vertex by vertex - Modumate's 4 Layer Hierarchy is a better way. Your building design becomes crystal clear, and lets Modumate export amazing documents.
Choose a step of the workflow to learn more
Move around the scene via Orbit, Pan, Zoom, or by flying/walking with WASD "game controls".
Lay out your building's spaces using easy planar modeling tools - Line, Rectangle, Move, Join, etc.
Design what your walls, floors, roofs, doors, etc are made of using our BIM Designer.
Host one Separator onto each Massing Graph element to make your massing a reality.
Line up your Separators as they'd be built in real life.
Extend neighboring assemblies' layers, and save those conditions as reusable Edge Details.
Lay out your surface regions where all your finishes and other Attachments will go.
Design your finishes, cabinets, trim, and FF&E using our BIM Designer.
Host one Attachment onto each Surface Graph element to make your surfaces a reality.
Place your Cut Planes, then click Export, and you'll get their DWGs to use in your CAD sheets.
Save 3D views, then screenshot for renderings, or turn on gravity to start a walkthrough.
Export your quantities to CSV to see unit counts and lineal, area, and volume measurements.
Free for your first project. No time limit.
So you can explore everything Modumate has to offer.
Get yourself instant background DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates today.
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(download for Windows 10)
Super intuitive and easy to learn.
⏳ Learn Modumate in an hour
Old tools take weeks or months to ramp up.
Modumate's whole tutorial library takes 50 minutes.
🌎 World-class onboarding tutorials
Old tools leave you googling for instructions.
We teach you every step of Modumate’s workflow, click by click.
👋🏼 Less menu diving, more design
Old tools have deep menus and endless option checkboxes.
With Modumate, you spend all of your time designing.
What users are saying...
“It’s like if SketchUp, Revit, and The Sims had a baby. Planar modeling, parametric BIM assemblies, and game tech.”
“Modumate’s DWG exports beat the pants off SketchUp. Thanks for putting everything on different layers.”
““This is kind of the ‘Holy Grail’ companion to AutoCAD-based drawing sets.”
“Your BIM Designer is so cool. No other software lets you design the actual brick or stud your wall’s made of! This should be front-page.”
“Modumate's furniture tool really hits the nail on the head. This is what I hoped my last software would do.”
“These are insanely thorough quantity estimates. Per assembly, per layer, per part - you’ve got it all.”
“Modumate’s graphics blow my current tools’ out of the water.”
“A professional BIM platform built on game tech - I’ve been waiting for this for 10+ years.”
“My clients will think walkthroughs are so fun - 1 click and they’re sold!”

Modumate is a 3D building design platform for professional architects and contractors who draft 2D construction drawings on Windows 10.

Using Unreal Engine 4’s gorgeous graphics and our unprecedented approach to BIM, we supercharge your 3D design abilities and export instant 2D DWGs.


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