Win more projects and 2x your profits
CAD architects and builders win more projects, and double their profit, using Modumate’s instant drawings, quantities and renderings.
Modumate wins you more projects.
Beautiful 3D is king in 2021.
Your website and social media will generate more leads.
Your clients will pay top dollar for interactive walkthroughs.
Modumate will level up your business.
Modumate doubles your profits.
Produce documents instantly. Collaborate in real-time 3D on auto-saving cloud projects.
You'll be 2x as productive as with CAD + SketchUp.
Instant Background DWGs
Create unlimited Cut Planes, then export with 1 click to get background DWGs for CAD sheets.
Revisions? Update your model, re-export, and all backgrounds are updated and coordinated.
Save 50+ hours per project on DWGs & revisions.
“My drawings are instant, and always consistent, thanks to Modumate - huge time AND risk saver!”
Quantity Estimates
Modumate uses its unprecedented BIM to track every brick, stud, board, tile, and part of your model. Get your takeoffs by module (count, length) or by layer (area).
This takes hours for you to do by hand - with Modumate, export it to CSV in 1 click.
"No other tool is so clear and detailed with their takeoffs - and it's so fast! It saves my estimator weeks on every project."
Instant Renderings
Modumate is built on Unreal Engine 4, so it’s natively gorgeous. No more time spent exporting to archviz tools, replacing furniture and materials, and lighting the scene.
Modumate cuts that whole tool and step out of your workflow, so you can design faster.
"It's so much simpler to design directly in beautiful 3D, instead of needing archviz tools. It's clearly the future."
Real-Time Collaboration
See up to 16 users in your model working in real time - no syncing required.
Divide and conquer: you design the kitchen, him the yard, her the roof. Build your model in hours, not days or weeks.
Achieve better designs by working together.
"Our firm has never been this productive with any other 3D or BIM software."
Cloud Documents
Your projects are saved in your Workspace, so all members always have access to the latest and greatest file from anywhere.
And the document auto-saves after every action. You’ll never lose your work, or be interrupted by save reminders, ever again.
"Our team used to struggle keeping track of local AutoCAD, SketchUp and Rhino files. This is way easier!"
Less document labor
Time spent on your Modumate model saves 5x on downstream document labor.
Less revising
Just update the model, re-export, and all documents are instantly updated and coordinated.
More value to clients
The more beautiful 3D you give clients, the more they’re willing to pay for your premium service.
Modumate does it all.
Concept Design
Use our simple Massing Graph to lay out your building's overall form.
Every line and plane represents a construction assembly it will eventually host.
Work together to deliver better designs faster.
"The Massing Graph is super intuitive and easy to learn. Reminds me of the paper models we built in school."
Schematic Design
Design the flow of the project by laying out your walls, floors, roofs, doors, windows, and other major assemblies in your Massing Graph.
Then you can host construction assemblies onto every line and plane.
"It's so fast to get a model from zero to realistic. Applying assemblies in a paint-bucket way is clear and intuitive."
Design Development
Choose construction assemblies and materials using our revolutionary BIM Designer.
It's never been easier to design your materials right down to the brick, stud, tile, or board.
"Your BIM Designer should be front page news - no other software lets you design the stud your wall is made of."
Construction Documents
Join your assemblies together using parametric Construction Details that can be re-used throughout the project.
Export instant DWGs and quantity estimates so the build team can get ready to break ground.
"Construction Details are super helpful. It would have taken hours to revise this railing sill in SketchUp."
Contract Administration
After a project breaks ground, your Modumate model is a digital twin that helps communicate the design intent to your build team.
It's like a virtual job site meeting to get everyone on the same page in 3D.
"The carpenter wasn't sure about the stair design, but Modumate's 3D cleared it up for him quickly."
Modumate is for professionals.
Seen in the wild at 3,000+ design and/or build firms
both small,
and large,
and in the news.
Modumate comes with world-class training.
Try Modumate for free, or upgrade anytime ($60/mo) to receive luxurious training, tailored to your needs, that guides you through every step.
Sit back, relax, and trust our experts to help you win more projects and 2x profits.
First Onboarding Package
Everything you need to learn Modumate, win more projects, and double their profit.
Drop-In Help Center
Stop by the Help Center anytime it’s open and meet live with our ModuMentors.
Book A Private Training
Learn Modumate with 1:1 coaching tailored to your project’s specific needs.
Is Modumate right for you?
Modumate is a great fit for professional architects and builders who:
spend 10+ hrs / wk making drawings, quantity estimates, and/or 3D renderings.
draft their 2D drawing sets in a separate software from their 3D models (AutoCAD or similar).
use a powerful PC or Mac with a dedicated graphics card containing >2GB of video RAM.
design buildings smaller than 10,000 sq.ft..
design buildings without curved surfaces.
don’t need more furniture than Modumate’s library of 500+ assets.
don’t need expensive archviz tools.
Other groups should join our community too, to help shape our future features:
Revit, ArchiCAD, and Chief Architect users will love our Drawing Set Production tools releasing in early 2022.
Pros who need higher-end renderings or custom furniture will enjoy our Import / Export tools releasing in early 2022.
Pros who need curves or large buildings will be served in 6-24 months as we continuously improve our support for these features.
Pros who need their SMEP consultants to contribute in 3D will like our SMEP expansion packs releasing in mid-2022.
If designing buildings isn't your profession, you won’t like Modumate - try SketchUp instead, it's simpler.

Modumate is a 3D building design platform for professional architects and contractors who draft 2D construction drawings on Windows 10.

Using Unreal Engine 4’s gorgeous graphics and our unprecedented approach to BIM, we supercharge your 3D design abilities and export instant 2D DWG backgrounds, quantity estimates, and renderings.


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