Design more, document less with Modumate.
Modumate is the 3D platform for CAD-based architects and builders that exports instant DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates.
You spend 50-100 hours on each project making those documents. Get back that time to spend on design - or winning more jobs - with Modumate.
As seen in
3D BIM has never been easier...
Modumate is beautiful. It’s fast to use. It’s professional. It's a breath of fresh air.
Intuitive planar modeling
Laying out your spaces and finishes is easy and familiar.
Smart construction assemblies
Customize layers, studs, bricks, handles, panels, and more.
Unreal speed & graphics
Your design scene has the same visuals as AAA video games.
... to automate professional documents
Modumate documents are pro-grade. Accurate. Detailed. Instant. No manual labor after your 3D model is done - just click Export.
Background DWGs
High-fidelity, layer-aware DWGs for your 2D CAD sheets (AutoCAD, Vectorworks, etc).
Renderings & walkthroughs
Screenshot the app, or turn on gravity and walk around.
Quantity estimates
Takeoffs by assembly, by layer, and by module. Get any level of detail you need, instantly.
Your next model will look like these
No rendering tools required. SketchUp, Revit, eat your heart out.
what users are saying
“It’s like if SketchUp, Revit, and The Sims had a baby. Planar modeling, parametric BIM assemblies, and game tech.”
“Modumate’s DWG exports beat the pants off SketchUp. Thanks for putting everything on different layers.”
““This is like the ‘Holy Grail’ companion to AutoCAD-based drawing sets.”
“My clients will think walkthroughs are so fun - 1 click and they’re sold!”
“Your BIM Designer should be front-page news. No other software lets you design the actual brick or stud your wall’s made of!”
“Modumate's furniture tool really hits the nail on the head. This is what I hoped my last software would do.”
“These are insanely thorough quantity estimates. Per assembly, per layer, per part - you’ve got it all.”
“Modumate’s graphics blow my current tools’ out of the water.”
“A professional BIM platform built on game tech - I’ve been waiting for this for 10+ years.”
"Ok. The Detail Designer is really cool. Even Revit can't do this, let alone SketchUp!"
Design rules.
Documenting drools.
You know the pain:
•Draw each line of your design in 2D (AutoCAD or similar).
•Manually coordinate plans/sections/elevations.
•Redundantly model it in 3D (SketchUp or similar).
•Dress it up with a visualization tool (Enscape or similar).
•Trace your drawings for quantity takeoffs (if you’re a builder).
•Then the design changes.
•Welp, time to do it all again.
•So much time wasted at every step - 50-100 hours in total.
With Modumate:
•Lay out your spaces and finishes in beautiful 3D.
•Craft your assemblies.
•Detail their connections.
•Export instant DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates.
•Design changes? Revise the model and re-export documents.

Spend your time designing (or winning new jobs).
Don’t spend it manually making documents.
Big value.
Tiny price.
Old heavyweight tools cost $2000+ per year.
Modumate costs just $50 per month.
And when you sign up, we guide your first project to success with 1:1 training. In 1-2 days, you become a Modumate pro whose model will save them 50-100 hours on their project.
That’s some crazy customer service.
Say it again for the CAD-based architects and builders in the back -
You'll save $3,000+ on each project.
Every minute spent on your Modumate model saves 5-10 minutes of downstream work on DWGs, renderings, and quantity estimates.
And design revisions are painless - just update the model, re-export, and all documents are updated and coordinated.
Let us show you the future.

Modumate is a 3D building design platform for professional architects and contractors who draft 2D construction drawings on Windows 10.

Using Unreal Engine 4’s gorgeous graphics and our unprecedented approach to BIM, we supercharge your 3D design abilities and export instant 2D DWG backgrounds, quantity estimates, and renderings.


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