Faster, smarter 3D for CAD architects.
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(download for Windows 10)
Modumate is a new 3D modeling platform for architects who use CAD to make their drawing sets.
Create a beautiful 3D model way faster, then export awesome 2D DWGs you can XREF into your sheets.
Try Modumate free
(download for Windows 10)
Modumate can save you hundreds of hours per project over your old 3D tools:
Model your fully-detailed building in 5-10x fewer clicks.
Your background DWGs are instant, coordinated, and painless to revise - just update the 3D and re-export.
It’s natively gorgeous, so you get renderings and walkthroughs with 1 click.
Try Modumate free
(download for Windows 10)
World-class onboarding tutorial.
Modumate is easy to learn. In 30 minutes, you'll be modeling in beautiful 3D and exporting instant DWGs.
It's free for 21 days - no credit card needed - then $80/mo if you like it.
Try Modumate free
(download for Windows 10)
We've reimagined how 3D should work.
No more sculpting objects vertex by vertex. Modumate's 4 Layer Hierarchy is a better way:
“Massing Graph” (planar model of your spaces)
“Separators” (your Walls, Floors, Doors, Windows, etc)
“Surface Graphs” (planar models of your finish regions)
"Attachments” (your Finishes, Trim, Cabinets, FF&E, etc)
Learn more here - or experience it yourself.
Try Modumate free
(download for Windows 10)

Modumate is a 3D building design platform for professional architects and contractors who draft 2D construction drawings on Windows 10.

Using Unreal Engine 4’s gorgeous graphics and our unprecedented approach to BIM, we supercharge your 3D design abilities and export instant 2D DWGs.


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