Sharpen your skills and explore new ways to use Modumate. Modumate has over 150 tutorial, tips and tricks, and video guides posted here and on YouTube. Follow along with the walkthroughs when you are learning from the beginning or jump into tips and tricks by watching the masters at work.

Start Here

The best way to learn Modumate is to learn by doing. Every user gets a copy of the Tutorial Project added to their workspace so you the project we show in the Help Center in the app as well as a project to see how things work.

Access the Tutorial Project in your projects list and the Help Center by clicking on the Help button in the bottom right corner of the app.


Learn any command in Modumate using these easy 5-to-20-second videos.
104 videos - View on YouTube →

Click-Through Guided Tutorials

Follow the instructions in this series to create your first building in Modumate.
11 videos - View on YouTube →

Make Your First Project, Step-By-Step

Follow along to go from the basics of the Modumate interface to creating stunning renderings and drawings.
7 videos - View on YouTube →


Want to revisit what you covered in a past training, or preview what you'll dive into with a personalized 1-on-1 call? The following playlists cover the basics from the 4 Modumate Training Sessions.

For users on the Standard and Professional plans, reach out to schedule your personalized training and learn what you need to know to master Modumate for your workflow and project types.

Modumate Training #1 - The Massing Graph

Learn the basics of Modumate and dive into the foundation of every project - the Massing Graph.
24 videos - View on YouTube →

Modumate Training #2 - BIM Assemblies

Understand how to work with BIM assemblies in Modumate starting with separators.
8 videos - View on YouTube →

Modumate Training #3 - Custom Millwork

Hone in your modeling skills as you learn about how the surface graph and massing graph work together for millwork, stairs, and other detailed parts of a project.
4 videos - View on YouTube →

Modumate Training #4 - Advanced Topics

Now that you know the basics, learn how the experts use cut planes, visibility settings, and 3D views to better visualize and generate stunning deliverables. Also learn about modeling roofs, exports, and snapping for projects with angles.
15 videos - View on YouTube →