Release Notes

We're always putting in hard work to serve our customers what they need ASAP. Here's a timeline of past updates.


March 2023

Latest Release

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Mar 2, 2023

"Web Mode & UI Refresh"

1. Released Modumate Web Mode, which lets you use Modumate in any browser on any device with a mouse and keyboard.
2. Updated UI with new "Green-Tone" colors and affordances to make tool states more clear.
3. Added tooltips to every tool and button to describe how they're used - hover to see them.
(+ 10 other bugs fixed)

Jan 13, 2023

"ModelShop and Marketplace Content"

1. Upgraded Marketplace to allow external assets, so we can add new FF&E to the library without you downloading an updated app.
2. Added 100+ new assemblies to the Marketplace so you can get professional-grade walls, floors, roofs, finishes, and other assemblies.
3. Published 4 pre-made ModelShop templates anyone can buy and use to save a TON of time designing a simple 1-to-4-bedroom home.
(+ 5 other bugs fixed)

Dec 14, 2022

"Symbols in the Marketplace"

1. Promoted Symbols to be accessible from the Marketplace, so you can download complex content like cabinets, stairs, bathrooms, sheds, and other structures from the Marketplace.
(+ 20 other bugs fixed)

Oct 25, 2022

"Symbols, Auto-Dimensions, Batch Export JPGs"

1. Released Symbols, which are linked Groups that all update if you change any one of them.
2. Released Auto-Dimensions, which can add a dimension along every Massing Graph length in your floor plan.
3. Released batch export of JPGs, which allows you to export all your renderings at one time.
(+ 16 other bugs fixed)

Sep 16, 2022

"Interior Lights, Marketplace, Title Blocks"

1. Added artificial lights with real IES profiles to Modumate, so you can design spaces that are lit as in real life and enrich your renderings.
2. Released the Preset Marketplace, which is a cloud-hosted library of content that Modumate publishes to accelerate your work.
3. Added title blocks to drawings - they dynamically change layout based on your paper size, and show Sheet, Project, and Workspace info.
(+ 7 other bugs fixed)

Jul 28, 2022

"Ray-Tracing, Cost Estimates"

1. Added ray-tracing to Modumate, so you can render your scenes with realistic shadows and lighting.
2. Added labor and material cost rate fields to all Presets, so you can see cost information applied into your quantity estimate (if you add the cost rate values).
(+ 11 other bugs fixed)

Jun 24, 2022

"Quality-of-Life in Smoothness and Graph Stability"

1. Fixed several bugs around camera movement in large models and on slow computers.
2. Improved Drawing Designer navigation speed.
3. Massing Graph elements always face up, so your floors and columns always orient the right direction.
(+ 7 other bugs fixed)

Jun 7, 2022

"Drawing Designer & UI Refresh"

1. Released Drawing Designer Beta - where users can place cut planes on sheets and export them to PDF, so Modumate becomes a full 2D-3D BIM platform.
2. Refreshed UI so tools are found at the top, properties on the right, views on the bottom.
3. Released Groups, which collect Massing Graph content into an isolated sub-graph you can move around like one unit.
4. Released Design Options, which act like Layers to create visibility sets for Groups, and partition design data into different option sets.
5. Added custom parts like brackets, railing balusters, muntins, shutters, mullions, and other decorative elements that make your models truly detailed and realistic.
(+ 90+ other bugs fixed)

Nov 10, 2021


1. Migrated all Modumate Projects to the cloud, so your documents auto-save after every action and can be accessed from any computer.
2. Enabled real-time collaboration for up to 16 users on the same model, so you can see one another in 3D, and divide and conquer the design process.
(+ 32 other bugs fixed)

Jun 28, 2021

"Metric, Landscape, Help Menu"

1. Added Metric unit conversion to allow any non-US user to design buildings in Millimeters or Meters.
2. Released Terrain Graph tools to let you easily design a free-flowing terrain.
3. Added a Help Menu that lets you search tutorials and other helpful resources directly in the app.
(+ 11 other bugs fixed)

May 13, 2021

"Construction Details"

1. Added Construction Details on Massing Graph edges, so you can design the way assemblies' layers come together into a reusable template and make your cut planes construction-grade accurate.
(+ 7 other bugs fixed)

Apr 5, 2021

"Cut Planes and BIM Designer"

1. Added Cut Planes that cull your 3D model like a dollhouse and export linework to DWG.
2. Released BIM Designer representation of assemblies, so you can manage the parts found inside your assemblies and powerfully update assets across your model.
(+ 12 other bugs fixed)

Mar 16, 2021

"Quantity Estimates"

1. Released Quantity Estimate tools, that tabulate all the quantities of assemblies AND parts in your model, and export it to CSV, so you don't have to trace floor plans to get your takeoffs.
(+ 6 other bugs fixed)

Feb 25, 2021

"Surface Graphs and Attachments"

1. Released Surface Graph and Attachment tools, so you can add finishes and trim onto the surface of your walls without splitting them and as easily as a paint-bucket tool.
(+ 8 other bugs fixed)

Jan 26, 2021

"Separators and Instance Properties"

1. Released Separator tools (like Wall, Floor, Roof, Door, etc) that can host onto Massing Graph elements, so you can easily upgrade your layout diagram into a set of professional construction assemblies.
2. Added Instance Properties for each Separator instance to relate to its host graph element uniquely from the others, so you can make very custom alignments and offsets of the same assembly type in different locations in the design.
(+ 11 other bugs fixed)

Dec 11, 2020

"Massing Graph"

1. Released Massing Graph tools, so you can lay out a planar model of your building to act as the easy efficient backbone of forthcoming layers of BIM tools and data.
(+ 11 other bugs fixed)