A 3D canvas for teams to design buildings together.
Modumate is a real-time collaborative 3D design platform.
Design concepts easily with familiar planar modeling tools. Take it further with BIM assemblies and construction details. And do it all together, as a team, in real time.
It's a whole new way to design buildings. Coming soon.
Collaborate in real time.
Like most things in life, 3D building design is better together.
Instant feedback loop
See and text/voice chat with your teammates, like a virtual job site meeting.
Good ideas can come from anyone
When designers work together, they make better buildings.
Divide and conquer
You design the yard. She designs the roof. He designs the kitchen. See it all instantly.
Less syncing, more designing
No more worrying about syncing or file transfer.
This could be your team
Every teammate is more engaged, efficient, and productive.
It's just ... better
Once you experience multiplayer, you won't want to go back.
Built for teams like yours.
Building design is a naturally collaborative process. So real-time collaboration is like a breath of fresh air.
Get your whole team involved, and watch the magic happen.
“This solves all the team design friction of working remotely from home.”
“I’ve never seen anything like this - maybe in video games, but not in the AEC software world.”
“I invited my client, and they add furniture while I do the structure. They're super impressed!”
“It’s like if SketchUp, Revit, and Minecraft had a baby.”
“This makes it easy for everyone to participate in design.”
“My team used to lose 10-20% of time syncing models - no longer!”
Bring your team into the future.