Better, faster quantity takeoffs
Instantly export a material & cost takeoff from your 3D design.
How it works
Modumate constantly tracks all parts, areas, and costs in your model, so you can export a spreadsheet at any time. If revisions occur, just revise in 3D and re-export.
Why it matters
You save time two ways: no more tracing plans and dividing areas to find quantities; and no more re-measuring when the client requests changes to the design.
“I draw my foundation, and it instantly counts 561 CMU blocks. I stretch the design, and it instantly counts 734 blocks. It’s like magic.”
ALEX CABRILLO, concrete specialist
“I model my deck, and Modumate measures all the lumber - 2x2s, 2x4s, 2x6s, 2x12s. So I can revise freely and not worry about re-measuring.”
JUAN GOMEZ, deck builder
“For simple items like drywall, I use Modumate's counts. For un-modeled items like nails and fasteners, I use Modumate's area takeoffs.”
CLINT JONES, home renovator
Get better, faster quantity takeoffs today
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