Next-Generation 3D Design

Next-Generation 3D Design

Tools for Architects

Tools for Architects

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Automate drafting.

Spend all your time designing in 3D, and Modumate instantly sets up 2D views, sheets, references, schedules and details, while installing tags, annotations and notes. That means your drawing set is effortlessly clear, complete, correct and up-to-date every step of the way.

Modumate contains procedural rules for laying out all 2D annotations based on your 3D model. You choose and compose the objects in 3D, Modumate automatically drafts your drawing set in 2D.
Modumate’s tags, legends and schedules easily display data from the data-complete objects in your design.
With every click as you expand or revise your 3D model, Modumate expands and revises your set to match.

Design in beautiful 3D.

With Modumate, you design in immersive 3D from the start, and generate your 2D drawings as documentation, not the other way around.

Modumate provides you a beautiful 3D design scene using Unreal Engine 4.
Choose and compose Modumate’s collection of data-complete objects, instead of wasting time sculpting your own families, blocks, components, etc.
Edit object properties intuitively, without dense menus slowing you down.

Real-time walkthroughs and renderings.

Modumate uses Unreal Engine 4, the same graphics engine as today’s AAA video games and blockbuster films, so you can communicate your design in immersive 3D.

Modumate leverages industry-leading Unreal Engine 4 for photorealistic lighting and texturing in real-time.
Navigate your model effortlessly with buttery-smooth 60 frames-per-second animation.
Modumate uses advanced texture and polygon optimization to minimize stutter and lag.

Cost, energy & water budgets, daylighting, and more.

Study your building designs quickly and confidently using Modumate’s robust data and AI.

Stay on top of project costs with Modumate’s real-time estimations and schedules.
Modumate tracks energy and water usage based on your design’s occupants and fixtures.
Modumate is designed for expansion with many more Modumate and 3rd party algorithms and simulations using its rich object data to deliver a wide range of building insights.