Modumate is the smartest, fastest BIM platform ever made.

We rebuilt the architectural design process from the ground up to make architects brilliant at what you do.

Visually gorgeous

Modumate is built on the same Unreal Engine that powers hundreds of today’s AAA video games.

Every built object, from the 3D design scene to the 2D menus, looks so real you could pick up and hold it. Every click reacts with subtle, fluid, delightful animation to ensure you’re always in the flow. You’re an architect. You’re a builder and an artist. And on average, you spend 5 hours a day designing buildings. You deserve a beautiful, refined, delightful experience.

We've organized the BIM data for you.

We’ve built the best library of parametric building parts ever.

Choose and customize your objects in our blazing-fast editor, and compose them using 3D handles that are easy, precise, and - dare we say - fun. As you work, we capture all the data for you in schedules for every object type - and soon, cost estimates, energy and water budgets, and more.

Drawings auto-drafted as you design.

Architects spend 50-60% of their time on documentation – Not anymore.

As you design in 3D, Modumate creates and updates the right sheets and views, and annotates them with dimensions, tags, references, legends, and notes. Reclaim your time and spend it on better building design

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This month only, get 6 months of risk-free Modumate and amazing discounts on our auto-drafting upgrades.

Get Modumate risk-free

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  • Download and use Modumate right now
  • Receive $800 of auto-drafting services
  • Access to all of our biweekly releases and updates
  • Participate in 1-on-1 tutorials and feedback session

6 months later, you can pay $0 and end your trial, or pay $150 and get 6 more months at 80% discount!

Simple, risk-free, and an amazing deal, considering you’re spending $2000+/yr on other software, and tens of thousands on manual drafting labor.

But this offer won’t last long - at the end of March, the price will rise and discounts will drop. So if you’re an architect who wants huge productivity gains, more gorgeous 3D design and less drafting, then join Modumate today!