Upgrade with Modumate Points to go pro

Modumate is free to use, with powerful upgrades available through Modumate Points.

Design for free for as long as you'd like

Choose and compose objects to your heart’s content – Modumate is free to use for 3D design. Create rich, beautiful scenes and generate enormous value for your clients.

Supercharge your project with Modumate Points

Upgrade your project by adding Modumate Points. Select which upgrades you need and we'll tell you how many Points your project requires.

How Modumate Points work

Using Modumate Points, you can upgrade your projects to automatically produce documents and reports - from presentation plans to 100% CD sets. Tasks that could cost you up to 20x more if you did them by hand.

How many Points will I need?

Not very many, though each project will vary! Some estimates are listed below. 1 Modumate Point = $1 USD.

3,000 sq ft
single-family home in
San Francisco, CA
Instant 100% Schematic Design drawings, as many times as you'd like
160 Modumate Points
100,000 sq ft
warehouse in
Hudson, CO
Instant 100% Design Development drawings, as many times as you'd like
220 Modumate Points
18,000sq ft
office in
Milton, GA

Instant 100% Construction Documents drawings, as many times as you'd like
1,190 Modumate Points

Do points stay with my project forever?

Yes! Once you upgrade a project with Modumate Points, they stay forever. Your can use and reuse any algorithms in our library, as long as their combined value is within the project's Point total.

What if my project outgrows its Points?

If your project matures and you need more algorithms than the project's Modumate Point total allows, just add some more!

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Get Modumate risk-free

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6 months later, you can pay $0 and end your trial, or pay $150 and get 6 more months at 80% discount!

Simple, risk-free, and an amazing deal, considering you’re spending $2000+/yr on other software, and tens of thousands on manual drafting labor.

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