Coming December 2018

Pre-order today and save 82%. Price will rise September 1st.

  • Pre-Order: Insiders
  • $46per month
  • 82%
    discount from list price
    • The first 500 pre-orders are “Insiders”.
    • First release is for US customers only.
    • $275 for 6 month license ($45.83/month).
    • The price for new pre-orders will rise every month.
    • Terms are outlined in the Q&A below.
  • List Price (after product launch)
  • $250
    per month
  • 0%
    discount from list price
    • First release is for US customers only.
    • Modumate will be full price after product launch.
    • There will also be an annual option at $2,500/yr.

No Payment Now

Pre-ordering is just declaring intent to purchase. No payments are collected until the product ships!