V3.0 - Drawing Designer Released!
With Modumate V3.0, we’ve added a Drawing Designer for producing sheets for permit or construction. Get V3.0 now by running your install of Modumate and clicking “Download Latest Updates”, or clicking “Get Modumate” at the top of this page.
Major Release!

V3.0 - Drawing Designer Released!

With Modumate V3.0, we’ve added a Drawing Designer for producing sheets for permit or construction. Get V3.0 now by running your install of Modumate and clicking “Download Latest Updates”, or clicking “Get Modumate” at the top of this page.
June 7, 2022
6 minute read

After six long months, we’re ecstatic to deliver Modumate V3.0 and its variety of updates into our community’s hands.

The flagship feature is our Drawing Designer, which is the sheet production environment for making permit and construction drawing sheets. This feature extends Modumate’s abilities from “the best 3D partner for AutoCAD” to “a full-stack 3D design and 2D documentation platform.

But there are so many more upgrades wrapped into V3.0: a whole new UI layout, Groups, Design Options, Custom Assembly Parts, Graph Direction… let’s dive in and look at them below!

The Drawing Designer is the next step of Modumate’s evolution into the next Revit.

Architects know the distinction well: you either create 2D drawings in one software and 3D models in another, or you create both in the same software. Having one consolidated platform means you get the maximum amount of 3D model data into your 2D drawing environment.

There’s a ton of technology that goes into a Drawing Designer that is very different from our 3D modeling technology built to date… so it’s been a long journey to its first release. This release is a “beta”, which can export model views to 2D PDF and add dimensions and tags, but our next 5-6 releases will add several other tools architects need to produce full permit and construction drawing sets.

In other words, the hard part is done - now comes the fun part of releasing new features every month!

Modumate’s UI has been reorganized into a streamlined set of dropdown menus and two fixed sidebars.

Our UI used to have buttons for every command found either on the left or top sidebar. However, V3.0 increases the total number of commands to a point where this layout looks like the ever-intimidating “ribbon” menu. Most research suggests that finding buttons in an organized dropdown system is easier for first-time users, so we’ve clarified our tools into 6 dropdowns: 

  • System (load, import, export, quit)
  • Modify (select, move, rotate, hide, group)
  • Draw (massing graph, surface graph, terrain graph)
  • Host (wall, floor, roof)
  • Views (cut planes, design options)
  • Sheets (drawing designer, dimension, tag)

Additionally, our UI used to hide its left and right side trays while you had no selection, but user feedback suggested it would be even clearer if Properties were found in one place (which we moved to the right side of the screen), and Tool Settings were found in another player (which we kept on the left side of the screen.

All in all, Modumate’s UI is well set up to grow with the bevy of new tools still to come!

Groups and Design Options will organize your scene

One of the most consistently requested features for Modumate’s Massing Graph was groups. We’re excited to enable users to separate parts of their building when their relationship isn’t yet clear. Group each floor independently. Group your custom millwork independent of the wall partitions. Group each exterior wall of the building. Groups make it easier to navigate your Massing Graph.

A second aspect of the Groups feature is “Design Options”. This feature lets you classify multiple Groups onto a Design Option and control their visibility as a set (some software calls this “Layers”). WIth this feature, you can model multiple logically-exclusive parts of a building, like Existing and Proposed, or Options A and B, and toggle between them in your design.

Custom Parts will make your designs extra realistic

Prior to Modumate V3.0, most building components were extruded prismic shapes like lumber, beams, tiles, bricks, and boards. Starting with Modumate V3.0, you can wield more complex shapes as individual components in the scene.

Sculpted balusters? Check. Custom cabinet handle locations? Check. Railing brackets? Check.

Designing in Modumate just became a whole lot more freeform and flexible!

The road to Modumate V3.0 has been a challenging but exciting 6 months, and we appreciate your patience as we worked under relative radio silence. Moving forward, we plan to release incremental updates to Modumate every 4 weeks, so you can receive upgrades every month that continue to add value to your business.

As always, we want to hear from you how these features suit your needs - and what we should build next! You can reach us at info@modumate.com with any feedback about how you see the future of 3D BIM.

Until then, here’s to the future of 3D building design!

-The Modumate Team


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