V2.0 - Multiplayer Has Arrived!
Modumate V2 is the best way to design buildings together with your team. Get V2.0 now by running your install of Modumate and clicking “Download Latest Updates”, or clicking “Collaborate Now” on the top of this page.
Major Release!

V2.0 - Multiplayer Has Arrived!

Modumate V2 is the best way to design buildings together with your team. Get V2.0 now by running your install of Modumate and clicking “Download Latest Updates”, or clicking “Collaborate Now” on the top of this page.
August 10, 2021
7 minute read

Modumate 2: Multiplayer has arrived, and it’s a game-changing improvement for design teams

Anyone who’s built a building knows that collaboration is the engine.

The property owner, architect, and contractor and their teams of consultants work together to build one awesome construction project.

It takes trust and communication.

But today’s workflows are not nearly as fast, smooth, and collaborative as they could be - it's “sequential”.

-Initial design by the architect ->

-consultant designs ->

-coordination ->

-client/contractor review ->

-changes send 30% of the design back to square 1 ->



And since each handoff takes days or weeks, the entire project schedule is inflated by up to 40+%.

It’s like having a design conversation by snail mail.


A lot of the problem stems from uncollaborative software.

In an age of video and voice calls and instant messaging, most 3D design tools are single-user.

Or they saddle the user with headaches around "synchronize-with-central" and "linked models".


What if there were a 3D software platform where all parties worked together, side by side?

A parallel, rather than sequential, way to coordinate the design of a building?

A Google Docs, or Miro, or Figma, or Notion, but for 3D BIM?

Wonder no more. Welcome to that future.

“Multiplayer” is a better way to design buildings

It’s really hard to be concise about why:

Multiplayer is faster. Every minute spent designing in parallel is regained schedule.

Multiplayer is more efficient. Design dependencies are ironed out with no fuss.

Multiplayer is more effective. Seeing your teammates’ designs inspires necessary conversation.

Multiplayer helps teams bond. Design is actually about discussion. Today’s design tools forget that.

Multiplayer improves mentorship. Senior teammates teach junior ones. Knowledge transfers faster.

Multiplayer is a single source of truth. One cloud document that auto-saves after every action.

Multiplayer relaxes the process. No more “handoff” micro-deadlines every Friday.

Multiplayer pulls back the curtain. You can’t hide your design until it’s “just right”. But, as you’ll realize after 30 minutes of using Modumate, that was a terrible habit all along.

We waffled between “real-time collaboration” and “multiplayer”, and decided “Multiplayer” pays homage to our team’s roots and Modumate’s basis on the Unreal Engine 4 gaming engine.

Just like in construction (or any business), good project management is key

  1. Choose a Lead Designer to create the minimum content to anchor everyone else’s work, such as a building footprint, and watch other teammates to promote consistency between them.
  2. Choose a Lead Manager to decide how many areas of the model can be parallelized, and who should do the work.


Teamwork makes the dream work

Here is an easy way to divide work between 10+ teammates without stepping on each other’s toes:

Modeling (4-5+ teammates)

If you want to divide things by zone:

  1. Northwest
  2. Northeast
  3. Southwest
  4. Southeast
  5. … or whatever regions make sense for your building’s shape

If you want to divide things by theme:

  1. Bedrooms, bathrooms
  2. Kitchen, living, dining
  3. Decks, yards, exteriors
  4. Roofs
  5. … or whatever themes make sense for your building’s program

BIM Crafting (2-4+ teammates)

  1. Walls, floors, roofs
  2. Doors, windows, cabinets
  3. Railings, stairs, window walls
  4. Finishes, trim

Construction Details (2-3+ teammates)

  1. Exterior wall-floor-roof connections
  2. Door-window connections
  3. Interior connections (walls, millwork, etc)


You’ll be amazed by how productive your team is, and how rapidly ideas are shared. Everyone learns. Everyone contributes. Everyone has fun.

Try multiplayer with your colleagues - you’ll be blown away

We’ll dive a bit further into the tech involved in Multiplayer in a future post. Until then, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this blog post - go download Modumate’s latest version from the "Collaborate Now" button at the top of this page, make yourself a workspace, invite your colleagues, start a project, and see for yourself why Modumate V2: Multiplayer is going to make you a better, faster design team.

Cheers to the future of 3D building design,

-The Modumate Team


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