V1.4 Key Feature: Help Menu
We’ve raised the bar on how helpful a Help Menu can be. Ask our Help Menu what you wish to learn, and like a genie, it’ll scan ALL our tutorial content and bring you the best matches!

V1.4 Key Feature: Help Menu

We’ve raised the bar on how helpful a Help Menu can be. Ask our Help Menu what you wish to learn, and like a genie, it’ll scan ALL our tutorial content and bring you the best matches!
July 16, 2021

Have you ever felt stuck on learning new software or been overwhelmed by tips on the Internet, but found that none of them answers your question? Have you wasted lots of time being fully blocked for some small beginner mistakes? 

With any new software, you’ll encounter beginner mistakes with every tool and menu.

Here at Modumate we’ve thought a lot about this problem. And after dozens of hours of user discussions and brainstorming, we’ve arrived at our V1.4 key feature: a rich searchable Help Menu built right into Modumate.

A better way to get help

Many help menus can only link you to web pages containing the keywords of your question. Deeper understanding is cobbled together from tips on the Internet. Sometimes you get lucky and find a question like yours, but the answers are always incomplete and even more confusing. 

Modumate doesn’t want the confusing learning process to be the reason why you’re blocked from using our powerful BIM tool. As a beginner, our Help Menu is your saviour!

The Help Menu, found at the top right corner of Modumate and contains all of the text and video tutorials we’ve ever created. 

Search any keyword(s) and the Help Menu will bring all the relevant results right to your fingertips. It’s as simple as Google search. It’s as fast as a video game. Its content is all high-quality, written by Modumate’s team, and new tutorials are always getting added.

All your questions, answered

When you don’t know what a button does, just click on the Help Menu and search for its name. In less than a second, you will find detailed instructions that will help you understand the tool and teach you how to use it with the best practices.

If you are stuck on a workflow and have a tricky question about a feature, you can type a keyword in the Help Menu and helpful instructions will show up instantly! These tutorials are categorized and carefully designed by the Modumate Team. Our goal is for Modumate to be the easiest-to-learn professional 3D design software on the planet.

Small tutorials that build on each other

Our tutorials are organized under “Tools”, “Tips”, and “Goals”.

Tool tutorials are simple - they describe how to use each command in Modumate.

Tip tutorials are a bit more subtle/nuanced - they describe best practices.

Goal tutorials are more complex - they describe how to accomplish higher-level goals. “How to model a tile”, “how to model a cabinet”, “how to model a kitchen”, “how to model a house”, are increasingly abstract examples of Goals.

So when you search “cabinet”, you’ll see Tools, Tips, and Goals that match your search, and can grow your skills one layer at a time.

The Help Menu is your sidekick, just a click away

Have you ever spent a long time watching tutorials, and then forget 70% of what you learned when you begin your own project?


Modumate’s Help Menu can make the learning process more easy and flexible. You don’t need to worry about forgetting any steps. The tutorials in our Help Menu to learn Modumate in the right and fastest path, you can browse the step-by-step tutorials to go through the whole process of modelling a BIM project in Modumate. 

Want to watch a tutorial video while modelling? Help Menu is right inside the window - no need for jumping out of your own project. You can check our tutorials and tips at any time while modelling your own project.

Links to Forums and Blog

If you want to get the latest updates on Modumate’s newest releases and features or wish to share your thoughts and ask questions on Modumate’s Forum, Help Menu can link you to all these websites of Modumate with one click. 

It’s super easy to jump between web windows to Modumate’s working window. Help Menu is your best friend to learn BIM design and guide you to sharing your thoughts and getting advice from our community. 

Try It Today

If you’ve been struggling with 3D modeling in Modumate, try our Help Menu, it’ll answer all your questions! And If you wish to have a better and much easier learning experience on a new 3D tool, Help Menu will guide you through your whole journey from a beginner to a Modumate master! 

We would love to hear about your thoughts on Modumate. Send us an email at info@modumate.com and we will personally respond to your suggestions.

- The Modumate team


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