V1.4 - Available Now!
The most powerful way to get instant background DWGs, quantity estimates, and renderings. Get V1.4 now by running your install of Modumate and clicking "Download Latest Updates", or clicking "Get Started Free" on the top of this page.
Major Release!

V1.4 - Available Now!

The most powerful way to get instant background DWGs, quantity estimates, and renderings. Get V1.4 now by running your install of Modumate and clicking "Download Latest Updates", or clicking "Get Started Free" on the top of this page.
June 28, 2021
5 min read

Sometimes, to make something amazing, you have to let it take its time.

Modumate is the 3D companion to architects' 2D drafting workflows. From a Modumate model, you can create instant background DWGs, quantity estimates, and renderings with 1 click each.

And it's growing rapidly! Modumate V1.4 has been cooking for 1.5 months now, which is a longer cycle than average (we typically prefer to release monthly). We have several good reasons to have spent so much time compared to prior releases:

1. The Terrain tool is a whole new beast.

Our new Terrain tool is a whole new breed compared to Modumate's other tools. With the Terrain tool, you draw a flat topographic survey that we call a Terrain Graph, add height information to each of its points, and Modumate automatically lofts a smooth Terrain Mesh above that survey.

This was a significant lift. We'd never modeled curved surfaces before. We'd never attached metadata (such as "Height") to a vertex. And the Terrain object challenged our View Modes scheme: although you want to view your building at multiple levels of abstraction (Massing view mode, Separator view mode, etc), you also want to view Terrain alongside any of them, while independently juggling view access to the Terrain Graph and Mesh separately.

We see a few ways the Terrain tool could be further improved, but decided it was ready for prime-time use by users like you.

How this helps you:

Now you can create landscapes around your buildings, including terrain that can slope precisely but smoothly through your survey points, a dozen groundcover textures, and several new plants and rocks.

2. The Searchable Help Menu is your new hub for learning Modumate.

In the top right corner of the app is your new best friend - the HELP button, which brings up a searchable database of tutorials. Here's how it works: whenever you have a question, search a keyword relating to your goal into the Help menu's omni-bar and the tutorial you need will rise right to the surface for you to read and/or watch.

Anyone who's tried to learn a 3D design software knows it's hard. There are more tools than in 2D design software. Each tool's effects are harder to wrap your head around. And the ways these tools interact to create 3D designs has thousands more permutations in 3D than 2D.

We're constantly on the hunt for ways to deliver users a pain-free experience while learning Modumate. Our tutorials are unusually game-like. We have hundreds of videos on YouTube.

But you, our community, have spoken: "these solutions are not quite perfect - they require me to either switch windows to a web browser, or leave my project entirely to play a tutorial."

So we decided to embed our whole tutorial library into a new right sidebar.

If you have other ideas about how your learning journey with Modumate could have been made more frictionless, we're always keen to hear them - send us an email at support@modumate.com !

How this helps you:

Now you can get concise, thorough tutorial help without even leaving the Modumate app.

3. For our users outside the US - Metric is finally fully supported!

Unit conversions are a pretty simple step in the grand scheme of math functions. Multiply by 2.54? How hard can that be?

The complexity comes when you consider all the different UIs - typing distances during vector-based operations, using Stretch handles, the BIM Designer, the Detail Designer, Instant Quantity Estimates - and data objects that transmit to and from those UIs.

All this technical jargon just means it took a while to iron out all the locations where units are meaningful. But we're excited to say that users who work in Millimeters or Meters can now see those units respected throughout the app.

So for all you international Modumate fans - for example, more than 600 of you who signed up in response to the Unreal Engine Spotlight article - it's time to design better buildings faster and get your instant DWGs, quantity estimates, and renderings!

How this helps you:

If you use Metric, now you can type and see Metric everywhere that dimensions are displayed.

So what are you waiting for?

As with all our releases, Modumate V1.4 is now the version you'll download if you click the "Get Started Free" button in the header of this page, or if you run your current older version of Modumate and click "Get Latest Updates" in its first pop-up.

No extra upgrade fees - this update is included with your Modumate plan, whether that plan is Free (1 project) or Standard (unlimited projects).

Using these new tools, you'll be getting instant background DWGs, quantity estimates, and renderings that are better than ever.

Cheers to the future of 3D building design,

-the Modumate team


Modumate is a 3D building design platform for professional architects and contractors who draft drawing sets in 2D CAD, quantity estimates, and renderings.

Using Unreal Engine 4’s gorgeous graphics and our unprecedented approach to BIM, we supercharge your 3D design abilities and export instant 2D DWG backgrounds, quantity estimates, and renderings.


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