V1.2 Key Feature: Smart Rounding
We guarantee your model will always have nice & clean dimensions with Smart Rounding, unless you type otherwise!

V1.2 Key Feature: Smart Rounding

We guarantee your model will always have nice & clean dimensions with Smart Rounding, unless you type otherwise!
April 23, 2021

What exactly is Smart Rounding? If you’ve used Modumate, then there’s no doubt you’ve already used it (even if you’re not aware). Whenever you’re using the Massing Graph tool, our Smart Rounding functionality kicks in automatically!

Whenever you’re freehand modeling, Smart Rounding will ensure that all the measurements in your project are rounded up to nice, clean numbers, with varying levels of optimized precision. 

This way, you’ll never end up with any wonky dimensions, unless you type in otherwise.

What is Smart Rounding for?

It may seem trivial but Smart Rounding is meant to save you a lot of time, over time. 

We all know why rounding dimensions is necessary; having to draw out nicely numbered dimensions for every single line or plane can be tedious. But you might be thinking, why is Smart Rounding necessary and what exactly makes it so smart?

An easy fix (that existing softwares do) is to allow users to set their desired rounding increments. For example, users can set their desired rounding increments to 1”, and problem solved! All dimensions are rounded to the inch, and no more wonky measurements.

But here’s the thing: rounding is useful in different ways throughout a project’s life cycle. In early design, you typically think in terms of 4”, 6”, 8”, 12”, or even 24” granularity, since they are the most common factors of most module sizes. 

However, later on you’ll want much higher precision and eventually, there will likely be a point where you’re hopping back and forth between levels of precision as you’re perfecting your work.

Thus, we wanted to aim beyond just having users manually set their desired rounding increment. It was clear that in order to truly cater to the users, the rounding increment should be flexible, or in other words, responsive to the scope of the user’s work. 

This all aligns with our ultimate goal here at Modumate: that we take care of the unnecessary details and our users can focus solely on design.

How does Smart Rounding work?

To achieve this, we round based on whatever distance increment is approximately 8 pixels in size on your screen. 

When you zoom in and out, the rounding increment changes. This is because if a user is more zoomed out, they’ll be working on the higher-level, larger elements of their model, while when they’re more zoomed in, they’ll be more focused on detailed components. 

This 8-pixel length is the happy medium that helps the drawing tools feel “automagical” - the right balance of smooth and precise. 

And most importantly, Smart Rounding keeps your Massing Graph dimensions clean and predictable!

Notice above how when the viewport is zoomed in, the increments decrease to as low as half an inch. When the user zooms out, the rounding increments can grow as large as four inches!

Need to override Smart Rounding?

When necessary, users can override the rounding and set minimum increments (Modumate → Settings menu), so that even when you’re zoomed in, the cursor moves in large increments. 

For example, forcing a 1’ rounding increment will ensure you’re working in 1’ blocks even when you’re zoomed in.

And if you already know the exact measurement, you can always just type out your dimensions as you’re drawing!

It may seem like such a trivial thing, but in the end, Smart Rounding allows for one less step you need to worry about when you’re working on your models!

An average model has hundreds, even thousands, of lines and planes. If you had to go back and fix wonky measurements for even just 5% of them, the time would most certainly pile up.

The little things like Smart Rounding do matter, even when you don’t notice them. 

Have questions, comments, or concerns? Send us an email at info@modumate.com and we will be sure to respond!

- The Modumate Team


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