V1.1 Key Feature: Cut Planes
Making Cut Planes has never been easier. With Modumate, you can directly export DWGs and instantly get fully-fleshed-out plans and sections.

V1.1 Key Feature: Cut Planes

Making Cut Planes has never been easier. With Modumate, you can directly export DWGs and instantly get fully-fleshed-out plans and sections.
March 12, 2021
6 minute read

Here’s the thing: buildings are 3D. Therefore, Modumate is a 3D-first application.

However, 2D drawings are the primary means of communicating about buildings. Plans, sections, elevations - they are no doubt essential! Most of an architect’s time goes into making these drawings, even if they are “only” 2D.

Our team at Modumate (some of whom are licensed architects and/or have worked in the industry) understands that the design process manifests through both 3D and 2D. We also understand that certain steps of the process, such as drafting lines one at a time in CAD, can be quite tedious. And we wondered how we could make it easier.

So when it came to our Cut Plane tool, we decided it could be much more than just a plane that splits your building in half. Instead, what if we could create a streamlined process of turning these Cut Planes into 2D plans and sections?

And that’s exactly what we decided to do. With Modumate, you can create Cut Planes, from which you can instantly export DWGs.

It all begins with the Cut Plane, of course. The Cut Plane hides a portion of the scene, or in other words, splits your project in half. To create one, simply head over to the Cut Plane tool, click “Create Cut Plane,” and then select (1) a point it should pass through and (2) the direction it should look.

One thing we considered while mapping out the workflow of the Cut Plane tool was how to make it as frictionless as possible: what information does Modumate absolutely need from the user, and what information can be guesstimated?

It’s safe to assume in most cases that users want the Cut Plane to span through the entirety of a building; meaning that all we really need is the input on the location and direction of the plane. Thus, all you need to do is tell Modumate those two tidbits, and then Modumate will automatically size your Cut Plane to fit the model you’re working on!

Once a Cut Plane is made, it will show linework where it intersects objects. (The linework you see will correspond 1:1 to the DWG you’d get if you exported a DWG from the Cut Plane.) It can still be moved and resized, and their linework and culling updates in real-time as you alter it.

These lines are also separated onto different DWG layers per object type, both for "CUT" linework and for "BEYOND" linework, whose colors match your Cut Plane preview lines.

Making a Cut Plane is also the easiest way to see your Construction Details - for example, where two Wall assemblies meet at a Massing Edge.

Through the Cut Planes menu, you’re able to toggle (1) Cut Plane colors, (2) Plane visibility, and (3) up to one plane to “cull” (i.e. hide half of) the scene. On top of that, you can easily flip your Cut Planes and see the opposite view without having to make a new cut.

You’re welcome to create as many Cut Planes as you want, and Modumate will organize them into a list of horizontal (plan) and vertical (section) planes. Cut Planes can be renamed, and their name becomes the DWG’s name when exported!

We’re not plane around - get Instant DWG’s with a single click!

With the Cut Planes set up and ready to go, it’s time to export those DWGs. With a single click, all your Cut Planes will be exported into a ZIP file as plan and section drawings. (Or, if you’d like, you can pick and choose which Cut Planes to export.)

We also wanted to make the process of updating your DWG files as simple as possible. Just re-export whenever you want, and your DWG files will reflect the changes you made in your 3D model!

In the end, it all boils down to this question: how can we spend more time designing, and less time drafting? 

With our Cut Plane tool and instant DWG functionality, we hope to save you precious time you could otherwise be spending on making your project the best it can be. Let us take care of the nitty-gritty for ya.

That’s all we got for you today! Have questions, comments, or concerns? Send us an email at info@modumate.com and we will make sure to respond.

-The Modumate Team


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