V1.1 Key Feature: Construction "Details"
Construction details are an important part of building design. Using Modumate’s Detail Designer can help you get all your CAD drawings construction-ready.

V1.1 Key Feature: Construction "Details"

Construction details are an important part of building design. Using Modumate’s Detail Designer can help you get all your CAD drawings construction-ready.
March 18, 2021

The main purpose of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is to manage multi-disciplinary data during all phases of building design. A good BIM platform should connect the workflows of different teams to maximize the accuracy of details and the efficiency for designing, drafting, and decision-making. It should inform all details of a construction project and share the latest updates and changes with the whole team.

Model in Every Detail

Traditional modeling platforms are designed only for a linear workflow: from designing to drafting. However, in reality, building design is a much more complex process of decision-making and processing to work on different parts of a project. Multiple teams are involved in each detail of a project. 


In Modumate, Construction Details can be designed efficiently as Edge Details of Massing Edges bringing designing, drafting, and visualizing all to the same stage. Edge Details in Modumate are designed by extending each layer of assemblies. Documenting construction details are not drawings made from scratch, but modeling 3D assemblies with accurate construction data.


All construction details come together to create a fully detailed model of the entire project, and DWG drawings are ready to be exported from the BIM model. No more need for revising and redrawing before you finalize your design. 

From Flat Drawings to 3D Assemblies

Each Edge Detail can carry construction data to a Massing Edge. Drafting isn’t only about drawing but about modeling in three-dimension to get the best visualizations of the project.


It’s easy to make changes from the most abstract massing graphs, such as a wall or floor, to the most detailed construction documents.  


Modumate finds the most efficient method to integrate these details with the 3D model: Instead of separate zoom-in drawings, the extension lengths of each layer linked with each Massing Edge control the Edge Detail. 


Better Collaborations

The 3D BIM model carries the construction details within it, with real-time rendering and other construction drawings along with it.  An integrated BIM model allows the team to visualize a project and improves coordination and decision-making, with the accuracy guaranteed. 


You can extract, evaluate and test out design options while developing construction details. Designing and drawing are not two sequential steps, but a more flexible process that can be reflected and updated instantly by the whole team.  


Add Construction Details to Your Project: 

You can add an edge detail by extending each layer to the correct length. 


1. Ensure all your assemblies are appropriately offset (learn more about hosting assemblies and their instance properties here).

2. Switch back to the Massing Graph Mode or press “F1” on Windows or "command-1" on macOS.

3. Click the edge that two or more massing planes meet and the “Create New” button (“+”) to add construction details to a Massing Edge.

4. You can find values of extension distance from the centerline for each layer of all the related assemblies. The way to create a specific construction detail is to edit the extension values. 

5. The thickness of each layer is provided with the extension values. You can use them as references to modify the extension distances.

Make an Edge Detail Typical Across Your Project 

If the detail is used multiple times throughout your project click the “Is Typical?” checkbox and the detail will automatically apply to other edges where the edge properties are the same. Anywhere the same materials are the same and are offset the same way, the detail will be applied.  


If you want to reuse another construction detail for an edge, click on the edge and click “Cycle through eligible details” until you find your desired detail.


A tip for adding construction details is to name each joint condition wisely- it will save much of your time to easily reuse an edge detail and share that information with your team.

CAD Drawings are Ready to Go!

You can export a construction detail as a DWG file directly from the BIM model at any stage. 


Also, a real-time rendering model can be shared with the whole team to view and make adjustments at any time. You can export the construction drawings after any changes to the model. 


Try it Today

Are you also excited about implementing BIM in your project? Modumate will be your best friend for building construction. We would love to hear about your thoughts on Modumate or the future of BIM design. Send us an email at info@modumate.com and we will personally respond to your suggestions.

-the Modumate team


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