Innovative design features
Learn how Modumate takes a fresh approach to better, faster 3D BIM.
Massing Graph
How it works: lay out your building’s spaces as quickly and easily as a napkin sketch, then host the BIM info later.
Why it matters: you finish your building in 5x fewer clicks, and can flexibly revise the model anytime.
BIM Designer
How it works: Craft definitions for every assembly and part, down to the bricks, studs, tiles, handles, frames, etc.
Why it matters: Modumate counts quantities for you, and you can edit your assemblies projectwide.
“I design projects 10 hours faster with Modumate. That’s 50 hours saved a year, $4000 in profit, easily.”
CAL DREYFUSS, design-builder
“It's a professional tool that makes you feel like you’re playing a video game.”
ROB ALLSTON, builder
BIM Marketplace
How it works: get hundreds of professional assemblies instantly.
Why it matters: you save 30+% time by not reinventing the wheel.
Drawing Designer
How it works: add cut planes to sheets, add dimensions and notes, then export to PDF.
Why it matters: create simple drawings without extra software.
“Versatile tool that handles all my early-stage and detailed design work in one place.”
GERALD YU, architect
“I collaborate with my husband - I’ll do the interior while he does the roof, and kitchen vs foundations, etc. Big time savings.”
KIM CARROLL, design-builder
How it works: See 1-16 teammates simultaneously in your model.
Why it matters: divide and conquer - collaboration is better, faster design.
Cloud Documents
How it works: all your files are stored in your cloud workspace.
Why it matters: constant autosave. Access files from anywhere.
“Modumate makes me feel like I didn’t just catch up to my competition - I leapfrogged them.”
CLIVE JONAS, architect
“It’s definitely faster than my old tools, but it’s also more fun. I didn’t realize how much better my job could be.”
VIJAY S., design-builder
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