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Easy, fast 3D BIM for architects and builders. Gorgeous graphics. Instant drawings and takeoffs. Win jobs and save time.
Draw buildings faster.
Stop sculpting every side of every object. Draw your massing model like a napkin sketch in 5x fewer clicks.
Design assemblies faster.
Customize assemblies down to their bricks, studs, tiles, and more, then easily add them to your 3D massing model.
Get deliverables faster.
Export 3D views to JPG, 2D cut planes to DWG, sheets to PDF, and takeoffs to CSV with one click each.
Build faster with templates.
Save up to 80% of design time by using a template for your building, style, rooms, or objects.
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“The Massing Graph is so flexible, yet takes so few clicks. It’s the perfect way to represent a building. Really great work.”
JUSTIN KARD, design-builder
“I need simple plans for clients and permits. Modumate exports them all instantly - and I can bring to CAD when I need more detail.”
DAVI SHARMA, architect
“I lay out walls, floors, foundations... then Modumate instantly exports their boards, studs, tiles, etc to a takeoff I can use in Excel.”
“When I orbited around my first floor plan in 3D, I knew it was a game-changer. Modumate was the first 3D tool I actually learned.”
JIM KARSTON, design-builder
New to 3D? Get up to speed fast.
Old software have 300+ commands you don't need. Modumate has just the 40 commands that get you results faster. And dozens of tutorials make them a breeze to learn.
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