Visually gorgeous

Modumate is built on Unreal Engine 4, which keeps your scene beautiful and fluid at all times.

Mainstream CAD/BIM tools are 20-40 years old. We leapfrog them using cutting-edge real-time graphics techniques from the gaming industry:

To top it all off, we supply an ever-growing catalog of 3D BIM components which are both data-complete and high-resolution. These same assets populate your drawings AND your renderings. In short, we’ve united BIM and rendering, making it easier than ever to design better buildings, faster.

BIM reimagined

Modumate has the world’s best collection of parametric architectural content. We’ve made the data-complete, high-res 3D assets so you don’t have to.

Modumate’s objects understand their parts with unprecedented clarity. Walls can count their bricks, studs, sheets, and tiles. Doors and windows can count their hinges, handles, and mullions.

As you design, we track your building's parts and assemblies in automatic quantity estimates and schedules, and update them all in real-time. Next-to-impossible in yesterday's CAD/BIM tools... totally effortless in Modumate.

You're an architect. You work with a common library of parts. Modumate gives you the whole library, and keeps track of your design's parts for you.

Automatic drafting

Modumate contains an unprecedented library of drafting automations.

We’ve worked backwards from the requirements of the International Building Code and general contractors, and taught every object how it should be described in plan, section, elevation, and schedule.

So with every click of your 3D model, Modumate instantly creates and updates the correct sheets and views, and annotates them with dimensions, tags, view references, notes, legends, titles, and more. At any time, simply add our automations to your project and instantly get the beautiful, complete, consistent drawings you need, whether it's a presentation plan, or 100% CD set, or DWG backgrounds, etc.

With Modumate, you’ll spend all your time improving the building’s design by choosing and composing built objects - and leave the drafting to us.

The fastest 3D BIM platform ever made.

We rebuilt the architectural design process from the ground up to make architects brilliant at what you do.

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A better way to design buildings

Modumate is the future of 3D BIM. Design with beautiful, data-complete parametric objects. Generate permit and construction documents in real time. See your visions come to life faster than ever before.  

Rendered scenes
in real time

Modumate is built on Unreal Engine – the same graphics engine that powers hit video games. This creates a working environment where visuals are constantly shown in gorgeous detail. Rendering is no longer a separate step.

We've organized the BIM data for you

We’ve built the best library of parametric 3D objects ever, so you don't have to. Choosing and customizing your building’s parts is blazingly fast, and every object comes with complete metadata to power downstream simulations, reports, and insights.

Automatic documentation

Modumate has an unprecedented library of auto-documentation algorithms. As you design in 3D, Modumate creates and updates your sheets, views, dimensions, tags, references, legends, and notes. Just pick the drawings you want, and you're done.

What our users
are saying

“This is fun, smooth, and so enjoyable… my clients are so entertained by it!”

Marcelo A

“It finally feels like I’m using a tool from 2020.”

Rafael A

“Your furniture tool really hits the nail on the head. This is what I hoped my last software would do. And your graphics blow theirs out of the water.”

Chad E
DESIGNER / builder

“Modumate is developing so rapidly, unlike my tools which are the exact same as 10 years ago!”

Shruti T

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