Design your projects better, faster with this easy 4-step workflow.

Your design process is the heart of Modumate.
Start by massing your building, add as much detail as you want, then auto-draft it at any time.

1. Massing with Meta-Planes

Use Meta-Planes to create a diagram of your building’s spaces.
Each Meta-Plane represents a boundary of space, such as a wall, floor, roof, ceiling, railing, or stair.
Each Meta-Edge represents a connection detail between those objects.

2. Add Separators

You can paint Walls, Floors, Roofs, Ceilings, Stairs, and Railings onto Meta-Planes. Justify and flip your assemblies to establish the correct alignments. Since you already designed the Meta-Planes, modeling Separators is a breeze!

3. Add Attachments

Adding doors, windows, cabinets, countertops, finishes, trim, and FF&E is as easy as targeting a host Separator.
Move your Attachments using their friendly 3D handles.
When you move the design’s Meta-Planes, their Separators and Attachments move too.

4. Auto-Draft Your Project

To create drawings in Modumate, just place your 3D Drawing Plane, and associate Auto-Drafting Algorithms to it. One Drawing Plane can host multiple drawings - say, a Demo Plan, Construction Plan, and Life Safety Plan.
Then just hit Export, choose your algorithms, and voila!

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