Frequently Asked Questions

Modumate turns many assumptions of CAD/BIM software on their head. We expect you have a few questions. We’re here for you.


What is the February special?

It’s a limited-time, risk-free offer to get Modumate right now.

What are its terms?

You deposit $250, and in return, you get access to:
-Download and use Modumate right now
-Auto-drafting for 6 months at 80% discount!
-All of our biweekly releases and updates
-1-on-1 tutorials and feedback sessions

It’s risk-free because: after 6 months, if you’re unsatisfied with your purchase, we’ll refund your remaining deposit. Pretty simple, and frankly, an amazing deal - considering you’re spending $2000+ on other software, and hundreds of hours on manual drafting labor.

So there's no risk?

Exactly! And enormous upside potential - with Modumate, you’ll work better, faster, smarter, with more gorgeous 3D design and less drafting.
You can get it here.


Is Modumate a plugin for Revit/AutoCAD, or a standalone product?

Modumate is a standalone product similar to Revit, ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Vectorworks, Rhino, Chief Architect, etc. (That being said, Modumate is free for 3D - so you don’t have to give up those old tools to add us to your toolkit!)

How long will it take me to learn it?

After 15 minutes, you’ll be proficient. After 60 minutes, you’ll be a pro.

Why are Meta-Planes so important?

Because they help us capture a clear understanding of assemblies, connections, and spaces. This is the information we need to automatically draft your drawings. Plus, Meta-Planes are akin to the abstract pencil-sketch of a building - they give you easy control over its massing, even late in design. Our team’s architects love Meta-Planes, and know you will too.

How does the Assembly Configurator work?

Creating assemblies is a simple, fun activity of configuring parts. Modumate is loaded with construction parts (bricks, studs, boards, planks, frames, handles, tiles, etc) and configurations (running bond, 16” O.C., double-swing, etc). Your project’s Assemblies are simple arrays of parts.

Why track the building’s parts so closely?

Two big reasons:
1) Quantity estimates. We easily track all of your project’s parts in real time.
2) Logical linking. You retain powerful control over the design of your building’s parts. Link one Brick into many walls, or one Handle into many Doors, and you can modify them all at once by modifying the part.


What types of projects can be designed in Modumate?

Right now, Modumate is best for light-framed projects smaller than 8,000 sq.ft., such as houses, small commercial buildings, restaurants, and tenant improvements. We will increase the size of our asset library every month, and continuously improve graphics performance to support larger projects.

What types of drawing sets can be exported from Modumate?

Right now, Modumate has 20 auto-drafting algorithms available, and is suitable for Presentation Plans and Schematic Plans. We will release 5-15 algorithms each month.

Do you support Mac?

Right now, Modumate is Windows-only; however, we run successfully on Bootcamp and Parallels 15. We plan to release a Mac-native version before summer 2021.

Do you plan on including building performance simulations?

We're so glad you asked! Our 3-year plan is to supply a broad range of building performance simulations, directly in the app, so users can design better-performing buildings. Cost estimates, energy use, water budgets, thermal comfort, daylight and glare, the list goes on.

Instead of drafting, architects could be spending their time on much more impactful topics!

Got more questions? Drop us a line at :)

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Get Modumate risk-free

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  • Download and use Modumate right now
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  • Access to all of our biweekly releases and updates
  • Participate in 1-on-1 tutorials and feedback session

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Simple, risk-free, and an amazing deal, considering you’re spending $2000+/yr on other software, and tens of thousands on manual drafting labor.

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