Modumate 3.4.1
for Mac and Windows
Modumate is available for download in the Account Center. Simply sign in and you'll see the links to get the latest version for Mac or Windows.
How do I get an account?
Getting Modumate is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Attend a tour
Sign up for a 15 minute one-on-one call with a Modumate Expert and discuss your projects.
Attend your first training
Schedule your first training session, set up your account, and download Modumate.
Become a Modumate Pro
Attend customized trainings  to hone your skills and model your first project.
We want every Modumate user to be a pro and training is the best way to get there.

The introduction call is only 15 minutes and we'll show you the highlights and customize training for your needs. We will set up your free account during your first training session.
What's included in training?
Be a pro in 4 sessions.
#2. Host Assemblies
Start creating and hosting assemblies and export DWG's and estimates.
#4. Advanced Modeling
Learn to model roofs, window walls, terrain, move buildings and more.
#1. Massing Tools
We set up your login and show you how to create a good massing graph.
#3. Details and Millwork
Add and customize cabinets, railings, and stairs to detail out your design.

Modumate is a 3D building design platform for professional architects and contractors who draft drawing sets in 2D CAD, quantity estimates, and renderings.

Using Unreal Engine 4’s gorgeous graphics and our unprecedented approach to BIM, we supercharge your 3D design abilities and export instant 2D DWG backgrounds, quantity estimates, and renderings.


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