Builder adding design services?
We’ve got you covered. With automatic quantity estimates, high-quality visuals, and versatile documentation methods, Modumate is the best tool for builders looking to break into the design world.
Impress clients with 3D models & renderings
Supercharge your build process with powerful and easy 3D.

Modumate’s 3D visuals get your clients on board faster with accurate renderings and keep the project moving with less change orders.
Visualize your designs like never before
Modumate’s built in ray-tracing tools and large asset library make it easier than ever to create renderings your clients will love.
3D that just makes sense.
3D modeling shouldn't feel like rocket science. With Modumate, 3D can be broken down into 4 easy steps. Just create your designs with the massing graph, then layer on building information to make your design a reality.


Massing Graph

Lay out your building's spaces in 3D.



Walls, Floors, Roofs, Doors, Windows, Stairs...


Surface Graphs

Lay out your surfaces' regions in 2D.



Finishes, Trim, Cabinets, FF&E.

Documents to make your designs a reality
Adding design services to your scope is a huge step forward, but can also cost valuable time.

Modumate’s instant documents give you the freedom to spend more time on design, and less time on documents.
Floor Plan
The tools you need to get the job done.
From DWG floor plans to rendered section cuts, and even isometric plan views, you’ll always have instant access to the deliverables you need when you need them.
BIM that does the work for you
When projects are piling up, the last thing you want is to be tracing drawings for quantity estimates.

Thanks to Modumate’s smart BIM assemblies, all your quantities are automatic and instant.
Putting the “Information” in Building Information Modeling
Modumate goes even further than other BIM software by letting you specify your assemblies down to the stud, brick, and tile - giving you accurate, instant, and automatic quantity estimates.


Create Assembly


Specify Unit Size


Export QE

Best in class 1:1 training
Your time is valuable, so with Modumate you’ll learn from a licensed architect who can tailor the training to your specific style and workflow.
Go pro in 4 training sessions.
#1. Massing Tools
We set up your login and show you how to create a good massing graph.
#2. Host Assemblies
Start creating and hosting assemblies and export DWG's and estimates.
#3. Details & Millwork
Customize cabinets, railings, and stairs to detail out your design.
#4. Advanced Modeling
Learn to model roofs, window walls, terrain, move buildings and more.

Give it a try. You'll be glad you did.

Get started with Modumate in 10 minutes:

  • Click below to download Modumate for Windows - no credit card required.

  • Follow the fun, easy onboarding tutorial.

  • Start modeling your own projects.

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We tried for years to expand our practice, but the truth is that it is nearly impossible to learn new software and maintain a profitable business at the same time; Modumate changed that.
Jeff at Walters + Briggs Architects

Modumate is a 3D building design platform for professional architects and contractors who draft drawing sets in 2D CAD, quantity estimates, and renderings.

Using Unreal Engine 4’s gorgeous graphics and our unprecedented approach to BIM, we supercharge your 3D design abilities and export instant 2D DWG backgrounds, quantity estimates, and renderings.


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