Better, faster 2D drawings
Create drawings and sheets for concept, permit and construction directly from your 3D model to 2D PDF or DWG.
How it works
Create Cut Planes and place them on sheets, add annotations, then export them to PDF / DWG. Modumate’s 3D BIM leads to beautiful, consistent drawings.
Why it matters
When you generate 2D drawings from a 3D model, they’re instant and always consistent. Get to permit and construction faster.
“One model creates all my plans, sections, and elevations in 10 minutes. Such a time saver.”
FRANCIS CHOI, design-builder
“Modumate’s Drawing Designer lets me make quick drawings easily, then I export to CAD to add more notes.”
MIKE DRUNG, builder
“Keeping plans and elevations coordinated was a headache during design revisions... not any more.”
TY CAMPBELL, architect
Get better, faster 2D drawings today
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